Silver Fox Shampoo


Specifically designed shampoo to make men's grey and silver hair shine, Pankhurst London’s formula helps your hair age as gracefully as you do.

Perfect for: any man with greying hair

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A luxurious shampoo for men with grey or silver hair to create a distinguished look. We have designed our Silver Fox Shampoo to specifically make grey hair more silver by using violet pigments within the formula to target and neutralise yellow tones (which cause fading and dullness). The results are more silvery sheen to your hair. Our shampoo also contains sunflower seed extract protects in an enriched conditioning formula to protect and nourish your hair

Our Silver Fox Shampoo has been specifically designed for grey, white and salt-and-pepper hair to enhance silver tones. Its integral violet pigment neutralises yellowing, fading and dullness while its sunflower seed extract protects in an enriched conditioning formula.

Key benefits: rich, silver enhancing lather; conditioning formula; violet pigment corrects brassy tones, sunflower seed Protects, UV filter, paraben free

Inspired by: A mature whisky, getting better with age. Grey hair is a blessing, ask any bald man. 

Silver Fox Shampoo Silver Fox Shampoo

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