Head To Toe Shampoo


Great-smelling men’s two-in-one hair and body shampoo, brought to life by our signature bay rum and lime scent.

Perfect for: any man who wants to take one bottle into the shower for the ultimate, versatile grooming regime. 

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Stylish and convenient, our Head to Toe shampoo cleans hair from root to tip while caring for your scalp. When applied to the body, it is gentle on your skin, leaving both hair and body sleek and lightly scented. Versatile and natural, we designed our shampoo for use in our London salon. Customers told us they liked it so much, they wanted to buy it – so we re-formulated it to work as a body wash too.

Versatile and sleek, our Head to Toe shampoo has been uniquely formulated to work just as well on hair. 

Inspired by: The warmth of a glass of whisky

Head To Toe Shampoo Head To Toe Shampoo

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