continues until at least January 20th 2021

Pankhurst London has temporarily suspended sales from our website to Europe due to severe delays in the International shipping network.  For the duration of this suspension delivery addresses within Europe will not be able to complete their purchase within our store.

In the meantime, our European Customers can continue to purchase our products from Mr Porter in Italy


DPD and several other International Carriers have paused their road deliveries from the UK as of Friday 8th January blaming pressure caused by new Brexit red-tape. This is affecting road services to mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland.

It's expected that road services will be paused until next week, with normal service to be resumed by Wednesday 13th January, with an update expected on Tuesday 12th January.

We appreciate how frustrating this is for everyone, especially following on so soon after the border closures just before Christmas and continues the pressure the logistics industry has been under in the past few months.


During the Christmas peak all road services into Europe were halted for all carriers and hauliers. This had a massive knock on effect for all companies shipping products into Europe. 

As soon as the borders opened we ensured that our carriers ran extra collections to make sure all parcels were collected in a timely manner. There were however, inevitable delays in service.

As well as the border closures the change in requirements for all shipments, as a result of BREXIT, to include commodity codes and country of manufacture has caused significant issues. This is the reason many carriers have stopped their services again into Europe. Large amount of the mail passed to carriers delivering into Europe has been non-compliant resulting in all of these having to be returned to sender, putting additional strain on the carrier networks, as well as causing delays in mail reaching the end customers.

The injection of large amounts of mail into the network due to the closure of the borders to France, and subsequent issues, meant that carriers are still feeling the effects from the amount of mail that has been processed.


In addition to the above we have the latest UK government COVID lockdown. This has caused large staff shortages across the logistics industry where staff cannot work from home. The impact of school closures has been huge, with parents unable to find alternative arrangements so they have no option but to stay at home to look after their children.

With no confirmation on the end of the lockdown and the ever changing situation at the ports and borders we expect these issues to continue and the delays to get worse not better over the coming weeks. 

We will keep you informed of the changes as and when they occur.